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Better Days offers various holistic assessment services, focusing on either a single or multiple areas of development or rehabilitation, with options for a detailed report. These services range from 60 to 90-minute sessions, accompanied by feedback.

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Individualised Funding Services Services

Therapy Session

Better Days provides therapy session services with varying durations, including 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute sessions.

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Individualised Funding Services Services

Professional Services

Better Days offers professional services such as attending meetings, case conferences, IEPs, liaising with other professionals, and care coordination, billed at a per hour rate.
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Individualised Funding Services Services

Resource Development

Better Days can create individualised resources that will align with your support goals.
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Individualised Funding Services Services

Workshops and Training

Are you looking for inspiration or knowledge to better support the people around you? Maybe your team has identified they want to grow their confidence and skills in working within a strengths-based model. Better Days can co-create learning opportunities on:
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Graphical user interface, text
  • Description automatically generatedMental Health and Wellbeing
  • Adapted Learning and Accessible Workplaces
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Caring for Your Self
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Better Days Occupational Therapists help participants find ways to enhance their day-to-day life and social connectivity. Learn More
Better Days Speech Language Therapists help participants with a range of difficulties, including speech, communication & swallowing. Learn More
Better Days Behaviour Support Specialists develop intervention plans to improve quality of life and reduce behaviours of concern. Learn More
Our team is passionate about providing proactive support to enhance hauora and wellbeing. Learn More
Better Days’ paedatric service provides support for tamariki and rangatahi across a range of Allied Health disciplines. Learn More
If you’ve experienced an injury or require physical rehabilitation, our skilled physiotherapists are here to guide you towards recovery. Learn More

We also deliver specialised support with…

Through simple, user-friendly technology you can receive Better Days therapy or assessment without needing to travel. Learn More
Get in touch to discuss your therapy - we can co-create a package to help you achieve these. Learn More
Better Days practitioners are highly skilled and highly experienced across a range of clinical areas – and we love supporting reflective practice.Learn More

Our Stories

Daniel achieves his goals through Speech Language Therapy

Daniel approached Better Days wanting to improve his speech and is now planning to record his own songs!

Our Stories

Adrian enhances his confidence in cooking

Look at this delicious salmon and vegetable dish prepared by Adrian!

Our Stories

Reschelle finds confidence in communicating

Meet Reschelle, who finds her voice through Speech Language Therapy a decade post-stroke!


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