Reschelle finds confidence in communicating

Meet Reschelle, who finds her voice through Speech Language Therapy a decade post-stroke!

Reschelle had a stroke about 10 years ago, but unfortunately did not receive therapy for her communication. For the better part of a decade, she had difficulty expressing herself and finding the right word to use in conversation.

In medical terms, this difficulty in expressing and understanding language is called aphasia, which usually occurs following a stroke or head injury. This understandably made Reschelle feel very self-conscious and frustrated, so she relied on her daughter to communicate everything for her.

Reschelle then found Better Rehab and worked with our Speech Language Therapist Savannah through face-to-face therapy and Telehealth.

After her hard work and commitment, Reschelle now feels comfortable to order things for herself, and consistently uses strategies to help her identify the word she wishes to express in conversation. She has also gained confidence to join an online aphasia support group, which she has been attending in the past couple of months!

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