Staff Spotlight: Nicola, Administrative Assistant & Rehab Coach

Meet Nicola, our Administrative Assistant and Rehab Coach, whose passion for helping people and long-held desire to work in healthcare makes her the perfect fit for her role assisting the Better Days team of clinicians, ensuring the office runs smoothly, and supporting patients in their rehab journeys! 

“I have always been passionate about working in healthcare. I’m understanding, love listening to people and helping them,” says Nicola who previously worked in reception and administration roles in banking, accounting, and property management.  

Favourite part of her role 

For Nicola, the favourite part of her role is helping people – both clinicians and clients. 

“I feel proud to be working for such a lovely team. I get to help them with the day-to-day running of all things admin. I enjoy working away in the background to make their job easier and more efficient. 

“It’s a bonus that I also get to help our clients at the same time. I love seeing the progress and growth in each client, and being a part of that is pretty special. Being able to think I was a part of their rehab journey and that I have made a difference makes me feel extremely proud,” she explains. 


Fun fact: Nicola loves cars! 

When Nicola isn’t helping everyone at Better Rehab, you can find her cruising in her modified car. “I am a massive petrol head! I grew up learning to appreciate and love cars as my dad was a mechanic and his passion was passed on to me. As soon as I could drive and have my own car, I took pride in it,” she says. 

In addition to modifying the looks and performance of her cars, Nicola volunteered for four years for the Motorsport Club and spent her weekends at the track as a flag marshal. “These days, cleaning my car and cruising on a sunny day is what I look forward to, as well as attending the occasional car shows.” 


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